2014. June 12.

The largest wheat yield is expected to be harvested in the European Union over the last 6 years if the weather does not interfere, which we can say has been quite favorable. The winter did not cause severe frost in the autumn sowing.

Thanks to the friendly weather the average wheat yield approximates the high level of last year while in several countries such as Great Britain the production area has grown.

The encouraging prospect of wheat yield of the EU has forced down the crops stock price over the last few weeks at the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) in Chicago.


2014. May 16.

This disease may infect the ear as well as the leaves, so in case of an epidemic it can cause major damage, we advise proper preventive protection against the fungus.

Yellow rust prefers cold, rainy weather, but recently another type has appeared which tolerates high temperature quite well. It caused a local epidemic in 2013, but it was only in 2001 that we noticed its epidemic proliferation, so it only occurs rarely in our region. Its early appearance is probably due to the mild winter.

The symptoms of yellow rust differ from the symptoms of ordinary rust. You can see yellow...

2014. April 16.

According to the latest expectations the wheat yielding of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan altogether will be 81,5 million tons. This is 4 million tons less than the estimations of the AGRITEL in February. According to the latest prognosis the wheat yielding this year will be 9 % less than it was last year in the region.

AGRITEL has reduced the wheat yielding of Ukraine by 1,6 million tons to 18,4 million tons, which is 16,5 % less than it was last year. According to the latest prognosis Russia is expected to harvest 48,1 tons wheat, which is 7,8 % less than the number of last year,...