Wheat Yield Record expected in Europe

The largest wheat yield is expected to be harvested in the European Union over the last 6 years if the weather does not interfere, which we can say has been quite favorable. The winter did not cause severe frost in the autumn sowing.

Thanks to the friendly weather the average wheat yield approximates the high level of last year while in several countries such as Great Britain the production area has grown.

The encouraging prospect of wheat yield of the EU has forced down the crops stock price over the last few weeks at the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) in Chicago.

The European Union is one of the largest wheat exporters of the world.

According to the opinion of 12 analysts interviewed by Reuters, 137,5 million tons of wheat will be yielded this year in the EU. This amount is higher than last year’s amount of 134,3 million tons, it is the largest amount since 2008 when 139,4 million tons were harvested.

France and Germany are the two biggest wheat growers and exporters of the EU. According to the experts approximately the same amount of wheat will be harvested in both countries as last year:

36,1-37,3 million tons in France (last year’s 36,8 million tons)
24,9 million tons in Germany (last year’s 25 million tons)

Source: MTI Eco