Trade Activity

Thanks to our existing network we are potential buyers in the Trans-Danubian region and in the Western part of the Great Plain (known as Alföld in Hungarian) in Hungary. We are continuously improving our connections in both Eastern and in Central Hungary. Our philosophy is to fulfill the most important task, which is to coordinate and serve the needs of the growers and the end-users. This is why we are in every case ready to flexibly adapt to the expectations and requirements of both our buyers and sellers. We accept both prompt orders and projects with deadlines. Thanks to our transport capacity we can confidently fulfill our orders, contracts. The granaries we rent on a when-needed basis further increase the standard of services we offer.


As a leading grain trading company in Southern-Trans-Danubia, Agrolog-Hungaria Ltd. is not only an approved vendor of grain and oil seeds, but it also assists to the growers profitable production by providing high genetic quality corn seeds.

We offer specific types of seeds for all natural purposes from our ear corn seed selection, which make the grain production successful combined with the appropriate technology.


Our delivery capacity was developed in accordance with our crop-trade. Our subcontractors cover the whole area of our country, allowing us to offer favourable cartage (transportation fee) and fulfill the contracts/deliveries without delay.

We offer delivery the following ways:

  • railway transport (carriage transport)
  • water transport
  • transportation to containers
  • transporting crops after harvest

As a result of our increased trade connections international transport is our most dynamically developing business branch. This activity is provided by our reliable freighters. At the moment we are continuously able to provide our clients with 30 tent-trailer trucks and 6 self-discharging trucks. Due to our existing connections this number is constantly growing. The majority of our international exports-imports are related to Italian and Austrian contracts, projects.

Why choose us?

Our competitiveness can only be improved by handling each of our supplier’s demands in an emphasised and flexible way. We manage all our contracts individually from the signing of the contracts all the way to carrying them out.

Economic security

We believe that the main foundation-stone for the stable existence of our company is that we pay great attention to paying our suppliers on time according to our agreement.

This is assured by our stable finnancial sytem and planning ahead with a calculable conservative economic background.


Az Agrolog-Hungária KFT. célja,hogy az általa forgalmazott különböző termények és takarmány alapanyagok kiváló minőségben jussanak el a Vevőkhöz úgy,hogy közben a lehető legnagyobb termékbiztonságot nyújtsák a felhasználók számára.

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