Regarding the details of growing this crop please contact our company.

As for cereals we distribute wheat for human consumption, depending on the quality mostly to leading mills in Europe. In order to avoid controversial situations we perform our own quality control in every case without exception,. Since 2008 our company has also taken on the project of having rye grown for human consumption, with the supply of quality seed-grain. Our customers show a continuous interest in quality feeder wheat and feeder barley as well. In the case of these grains we check the basic quality parameters at the grower’s premises and deliver thereafter, based on agreement. All throughout the year we are continuously in need of triticale and oat mostly for the Italian market.

From year to year our distribution of sunflower seeds for industrial use as well as coleseeds increases. In case of the distribution of oil-seeds both set-prices and a sliding-scale system are available.

In case of every product our contract defines the quality parameters we agreed on. The detailed description of each product as defined by the Hungarian standard is available on our website.