We consider the enforcement of quality regulations a defining element throughout the entire process of distributing grains for feed and human consumption. The expected safety standards of food products and feeder grains are of fundamental importance. In the production of food products, during the use of cereals as raw materials safety for health is the most important quality factor. We consider following the highest hygienic quality standards in the distribution of raw materials for feeder grains and food products a critical measure at all times.

HACCP is an effective method in identifying, preventing and avoiding the possible and true dangers occuring during the distribution of raw materials for food products and feeder grains. Therefor the leadership at Agrolog-Hungaria Ltd fulfills the above mentioned expectations and tasks by developing and implementing the GMP system with appropriate rules and regulations. This system provides the financial- personal- and economic factors required for the development, maintenance and operation of the organization.

We further improve the expertise of our staff through continuously offering appropriate training.