ALV LOGISTIC Ltd. was founded in 2008 to serve the transportation and loading of bulk agricultural products into freight cars. The company owns two high-efficiency mobile freight-car loading machines (OPTI-RAK), with the help of which they take orders for loading freight cars all over the Trans-Danubian region. They organize and administer transportation of the product of railway, provide supervision during the loading process and maintain contact with the forwarding agent. Their experience in railway transportation allows them to administer the process of exporting and importing agricultural products. They offer competitive services and prices to their customers, if needed for the entire shipping route.


Our premise for storing grain is located 20 km from Nagykanizsa on the route to Budapest, directly on M7 highway. Three separate containers can be found on the premise, which are capable of storing 10 000 ton products. The loading and unloading is performed by the horizontal and vertical heavy duty conveyor belts and a hydraulic shovel. Before storing the agricultural products their quality is precisely examined by the laboratory on the premise. The weighing is performed on the spot with the help of a 40 ton digital weight-bridge. Beyond completing storage tasks the premise is referred to as a pesticide and fertilizer service point.